The Story


Fashion and being creative have always been a huge part of my life. From designing football kits and working on a market stall selling men’s clothing at 12 years old, to then working for one of the UK’s biggest fashion retailers in my teens, I’ve always had an association with fashion.

I was always looking for the next trend that would make me subtly stand out from the rest. I often used to rip holes In my own jeans, cut sleeves off my own t-shirts, and just generally self-tailor if I couldn’t find something I could afford! It was always fun mixing up popular brands with my own twist on things.



As I carved an alternative career in my twenties, I always remained passionate about fashion, dressing well and expressing myself. I became disillusioned as it started to become hard to find well-made, fitted clothing.

Being entrepreneurial, thoughts about ‘what if’ I started my own brand soon had me scribbling down ideas. The thought of bridging a gap in the market felt exciting, to bring to life what I’m looking for as a customer. Creating a movement was also a huge attraction for me, to cater for similar minded people, looking to express themselves with subtle, understated fashion, wanting an alternative to the ‘big brands’, and without them having to break the bank!

From that moment, many hours were spent every night for months putting down on paper ideas, who is our customer, what will make us unique, the brand name, logo etc. Before long it started coming together…



It was a real moment for me when I decided on Verve Societe. ‘Verve’ stood for passion, determination & spirit, words that represented what it took to bring my idea to life. ‘Societe’ was chosen as this represents a following/movement which was a key thing for me. 

The ‘Make An Understatement’ tag was something exciting as it encapsulated the brand in just 3 words and really says what Verve Societe is about.



After passionately and relentlessly working on Verve Societe for months, the website went live on 3rd March 2017.

Months of research and sampling with manufacturers around the world gave us our debut range of suede & trucker caps which have been very well received due to their quality, design and versatility.

Footballers & celebrities are wearing our brand, but most importantly so are the customers we originally set out to create the brand for.



A lot of work is currently going into a range of clothing, key pieces showcasing our Icon, with subtle labels, giving a sharp clean finish whilst allowing you to represent the brand. There is a real focus on material quality and fit, we will only ever put out what we truly believe in.

The vision for Verve Societe as we grow organically, is to help like minded people remain individual whilst also standing out. Verve Societe will always aim to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new trends without ever breaking the original values of being understated and affordable.

The journey is exciting and as we build, make sure you can say you were there from day one...